Class parents are an integral part of the Sunquam PTA program and we appreciate anyone who is willing to assume this responsibility. As a class parent responsibilities may include: selecting chaperones for class trips, selecting parents to assist with classroom celebrations, making phone chain calls for happenings in the classroom or school wide events, and most importantly, to communicate PTA information to the parents in the class.

Please remember, the PTA has many committees, activities, and events that also require parent involvement. Being a class parent is only one way you can be involved in your child's education.

Selection Guidelines
1.The parents chosen are to represent the class as a collective group of class parents, there will be a “lead class parent” selected based on prior PTA participation.
2.A maximum of two more class parents per class will be randomly selected prior to the first PTA meeting.  
3.If there are not two class parent volunteers, we will include previous year class parents in a separate drawing.
4.A parent can submit their name for a different child even if they were a class parent last year for a sibling.
5.If a parent submits for more than one child and is chosen for both, we will assign the parent to a class based on their preference list (1st choice, 2nd choice, etc) that is filled out on the Class Parent Selection Form online.
6.A confirmation email will be sent to those parents whose form we have received by Sunday, Sept 9th. If you do not receive a confirmation email by September 9th, we may not have received your form. Please contact Jaime Zipper at or Jennifer Grossi at by Monday, September 10th at noon.
7.All class parents must attend a meeting on Wednesday September, 12th at 7:30 pm in the Sunquam Cafeteria where you will receive your class folders. This is immediately after the first PTA meeting and is mandatory. 

Class Parent PTA Responsibilities
1.Being a paid member of the Sunquam PTA by 10/19/18
2.Attending Monthly PTA General Meetings and PTA Events (at least 1 lead and/or class parents must attend). Attendance will be taken.
3.Mandatory 2 hour Participation in 1 (or more) of the various PTA Committees.
4.Supporting the PTA by volunteering, helping to find volunteers from your class and getting the word out to the parents about upcoming events. This includes forwarding important emails and reminders in a timely fashion. 
5.Parents may be called upon to attend a District Committee Meetings and report at the next PTA meeting.